Pro Bono Attorneys

The Native Amicus Briefing Project’s pro bono attorney network is fundamental to the success of the Briefing Program and essential to our ability to provide meaningful, professional, and significant amicus support.

Pro bono attorneys provide valuable skills, expertise, and experience to NAB’s Briefing Program. With recommendations from the Tracking Program and outside referrals, the managing board and advisory board identify and evaluate cases that they believe are in need of amicus support.  Once a case is selected, the board divides the case into separate research questions and drafting assignments and identifies specialists from NAB’s pro bono attorney network who can best contribute to those assignments.  We call this process Crowdbriefing.

Through Crowdbriefing, NAB utilizes collaborative technologies to mirror traditional law firm brief production practices, but on an expedited basis and at a significantly reduced cost. Using these technologies, NAB divides a brief into well-defined and manageable portions or assignments, allowing NAB’s pro bono attorneys to seamlessly opt into the briefing process and produce portions of the brief on their own schedule and without the need for face to face work or prolonged communication.

Once a pro bono attorney agrees to take on an assignment, the board and its assembled team of lawyers and law students work together to research and draft an amicus brief for that case.  Once a brief is completed, our network of editorial support engages in cite checking, proofreading, and bluebooking before the managing board submits the brief to the court.

Attorneys may serve pro bono either in their capacity as a member of a firm or organization or as an individual volunteer.  Our network is generously supported by pro bono teams at renowned law firms across the country, including WilmerHale and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.  If you or your firm would like to join our network, please contact us at

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