Law Students

Law students play an essential role in the Native Amicus Briefing Project’s Tracking and Briefing Programs.

The Tracking Program is run by dedicated law student groups under the direction of supervisory attorneys. These law student groups, or Tracking Teams, track cases in the lower federal courts that are pertinent to Indian Country.  Each Tracking Team is assigned a region of the United States to monitor so as to allow more focused work and a better understanding of federal Indian law in that region. There are currently NAB Tracking Teams at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and UC Irvine, and NAB welcomes new schools to join the project.  Once a Tracking Team is established, a NAB supervisory attorney provides training on the tracking process using Bloomberg, the basics of federal litigation, and standard format for entries on the wiki.

Tracking Teams identify cases involving Indian law issues by searching dockets nationwide using Bloomberg.  Once identified, under the supervision of a NAB attorney, the students prepare a summary of each case, which is added to NAB’s Tracking Wiki, and continue to monitor future litigation in the case.  The Tracking Wiki serves two essential functions.  First, it provides centralized, easy-to-access information on pending Indian law cases in the lower federal courts, and, second, it allows the Briefing Program to determine which of these cases may require amicus support from NAB. By participating in the Tracking Program, law students develop familiarity with the litigation process while assisting NAB with identifying cases for briefing.

Law students who are interested and have demonstrated a commitment to NAB are afforded the opportunity to support the Briefing Program in the preparation of briefs.  Assignments will range from drafting memoranda on research questions to drafting portions of a brief.  Student research and writing are supervised by attorneys and involvement in the Briefing Program provides law students hands-on experience in the federal litigation process. If you are interested in establishing a Tracking Team at your law school, please contact us at

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